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Spicy Beans on Dombolo with Hot Dogs
Spicy Beans on Dombolo with Hot Dogs

This quick-to-prepare #JustDelicious breakfast is just the ticket for an early kickoff!

Prep Time: 15 min
Cook Time: 30 min
Total Time: 45 min
Serves: 4



380 g

Eskort American Hot Dogs Gourmet Chilli Cheese

Spicy Beans with Hot Dogs


410 g

butter beans, drained


onion, chopped

2 cloves

garlic, chopped

5 ml (1 t)

cayenne pepper

5 ml (1 t)

smoked paprika

5 ml (1 t)

ground cumin

5 ml (1 t)

ground ginger

15 ml (1 T)

thyme, chopped

125 ml (½ C)

tomato puree

15 ml (1T)

red wine vinegar

30 ml (2 T)

brown sugar

45 ml (3 T)

olive oil


salt and pepper, to taste



1 kg

bread dough



  • Place the dough into a greased, heat-proof mixing bowl that will fit into the pot.

  • Place the bowl into the pot and pour water in until halfway up the side of the bowl.

  • Cover with the lid and cook for 20 - 30 minutes over moderate heat.

Spicy Beans with American Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs

  • Heat olive oil in a large pan over moderate heat.

  • Fry the beans, garlic, thyme and all spices together for 5 minutes.

  • Stir in tomato puree, red wine vinegar and brown sugar.

  • Allow to simmer for 5 minutes then remove from the heat.

  • In a separate pan, fry the hot dogs until golden brown.


  • Slice the dombolo, toast the slices and serve topped with a portion of spicy beans and chilli cheese hot dogs.


  • This recipe contains dairy (lactose), sulphites, soy (soya) and wheat (gluten).


  • American Chilli Cheese Hot Dogs (lactose, gluten, soy): Use Eskort Gold Medal Pork Sausages.

  • Bread Dough (gluten): Use gluten-free bread dough.

  • Red Wine Vinegar (sulphites): Use sulphite-free organic red wine vinegar or combine half red grape juice and half white vinegar to create a similar tasting dressing.

Recipe Meal Types: - Breakfast - Lunch
The following product can be used with this recipe:
Smoked Gourmet Chilli Cheese

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