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Spicy Eisbein Curry with Thai Black Rice
Spicy Eisbein Curry with Thai Black Rice

Served on nutritious black rice, this spicy eisbein curry gives the heat you need to kick out the cold!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 60 min
Total Time: 1h 10 min
Serves: 4



1 pack

Eskort Smoked Mini Eisbein


onion, chopped

4 cloves

garlic, chopped


red chilli, chopped

125 ml (½ C)

cashew nuts

60 ml (¼ C)

desiccated coconut

500 ml (2 C)

plain yoghurt

15 ml (1 T)

vegetable stock powder

250 ml (1 C)

water (for stock);

3 handfuls

baby spinach

45 ml (3 T)

coconut oil

1 L (4 C)

cooked black Thai rice


Thai Black Rice

  • Prepare the rice according to pack instructions.

Spicy Eisbein Curry

  • Cook the mini eisbein in a large pot of boiling water for 45 minutes, then remove from the heat.

  • Pour the coconut oil into a wok over medium heat.

  • Fry the onions, lemongrass, garlic, chilli, cashew nuts and coconut until the onions are glossy.

  • Dissolve the stock powder in water. Add vegetable stock and yoghurt. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

  • Shred the eisbein using two forks and stir into the curry.


  • Serve the curry on a bed of Thai black rice and garnish with baby spinach.


  • This recipe contains dairy (lactose).


  • Plain Yoghurt (lactose): Use coconut yoghurt, coconut cream or lactose-free plain yoghurt.

Recipe Meal Types: - Winter Warmers - Lunch - Dinner
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