Crowds of eager shoppers waited patiently lining the corridors of the Value Market at Princess Crossing Shopping Centre on Tuesday 15 July 2017. Inside the Butchery, Arnold Prinsloo, Eskort CEO addressed the staff, guests and members of the Eskort executive. This was followed by an Impromptu rendition of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika by the staff and the ribbon was cut by Vice Chairman Johan van der Walt.

With the ceremonies completed, the doors were opened fully 20 minutes ahead of schedule. What followed caught everyone by surprise. A steady stream of excited shoppers. More and more entering every minute. Smiling, happy, relaxed and enjoying every minute of what for many, was their first Eskort Butchery experience.

Within minutes, the first shoppers arrived at the tills with laden trolleys. Five tills, rapidly became 6 and still the queue grew. Soon management were assisting, at the tills, handing out samples of everything delicious, giving advice. Within the first hour, the queue was all the way around the butchery and down another aisle. But everyone was smiling and everyone was complimentary.

Record numbers of people attended this, the first Eskort Butchery to open in the greater-Johannesburg region.

Congratulations to Morné Dreyer and his Retail team. As the first major retail project of Eskort's 101st year, you have certainly raised the bar. Let's keep up the great work!