Makes 4 rolls
Prep time 10 min
Cooking time 12 min


1 Package

Eskort Premium Select Heidelberger Sausages


rolls, halved


lettuce or rocket leaves


tomatoes, peeled and chopped

5 ml

English mustard powder

1 - 3 ml

chilli flakes

15 ml

red wine vinegar

15 ml

soft brown sugar

15 ml

tomato sauce




Cook Eskort Heidelberger sausages according to packaging instructions, whilst these are cooking make the sauce.

Place all the ingredients for the sauce in a large pan. 

Cook over a medium-high heat for 10-12 minutes until most of the liquid has evaporated and the tomatoes have broken down, the sauce should be a thick spoonable sauce.

Halve the rolls, pop on the lettuce or rocket, then spoon on the spicy tomato sauce with the cooked Heidelberger sausages placed on top.

Close the roll and eat whilst hot and delicious.

For a Banting/healthier option, try the following:

Serve your wors on sosatie sticks with the spicy tomato sauce as a dip. You can also do a fresh summer side salad to go with it!